Xiaomi Mi A3: Caution - Update to Android 11 paralyzes smartphones

Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11 update is having issues and has been discontinued

After Xiaomi released Android 11 update for the Mi A3 a few days ago, many users reported unusable smartphones after installation. The company then stopped the deployment and warned device owners to be careful before installing the update, if it is still available.
At the beginning of the year, several forums reported problems with updating the Mi A3 from Xiaomi to Android 11. The problem manifests itself among other things in the update process: smartphones no longer start as usual , and get stuck at the start screen.

Some users even report that they no longer see this splash screen. Android's Fastboot, which would have at least allowed a full reset of the smartphone, is also inaccessible.
This is how Xiaomi is helping affected users

The company has stopped releasing the update in response to complaints from its users. If the update is still available on the smartphone, users should definitely refrain from installing it.

Those who have already installed the update and find themselves with a smartphone that no longer works, were asked to send the device to one of the company's service centers. Xiaomi offers a free repair, according to a post on its internal forum.

This applies regardless of whether the smartphone is still within the warranty period or not. It is not yet clear whether the smartphone data will be lost in the process or whether it can be recovered.
Xiaomi continues to struggle with update issues

As Android Police notes, this isn't the first time the company has had issues with Android updates. Last year, for example, Xiaomi had already had to temporarily halt the deployment of Android 10 for the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite after alerts of failed updates and unusable smartphones.

The owners of the Xiaomi Mi A3 also faced some issues when updating to Android 10. Due to bugs in the OS, such as disabling the fingerprint sensor, Xiaomi did not stop its distribution. until March 2020. It is therefore only in early May 2020 that the update reached the European models of the Mi A3. It is not yet known when a secure version of Android 11 will be available on the device.

This article was translated from German and then editorially adapted

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