Android 12: leaked images reveal radical design change

 New, more readable interface, new widget selector, new privacy indicator… Android 12 could introduce many new features. The first leaks go in any case in this direction.

After an Android 10 and an Android 11 shy in novelties, Google could spoil the owners of a smartphone running its operating system this year. According to several images circulating on social networks, the future Android 12 would introduce major changes. Many of them seem to be inspired by the latest iOS 14. A new interface close to One UI? According to XDA-Developers, these stolen images come from an internal document belonging to Google. These could be intended for manufacturers in order to give them aesthetic instructions before the official presentation of Android 12.

First change in size, Android 12 would space the main interface elements much more apart. In the notification center, an opaque background would replace the transparency currently in effect. Each notification would occupy a larger space in order to improve its readability. For its part, the panel of quick shortcuts would go from six buttons to four. It could occupy the entire screen and deploy all of its icons upon user request. All these changes remind us of those already undertaken by Samsung with its very distinguished One UI overlay. 

Widgets and themes in the spotlight 

With iOS 14, Apple has given widgets a second life. Not on purpose, the company has also made alternative themes popular by allowing hackers to change their app icons through the Shortcuts app. 

ANDROID 12 : what's new? how to install it?

 If we trust these leaks, Google intends to follow its rival. The menu for adding widgets would be simplified with Android 12 while new rounded widgets would appear. Some of them would allow you to add shortcuts to recent conversations directly to your desktop, a feature that iPhones do not offer.

Finally, on the images currently in circulation, we may be surprised at the use of very pink icons. It seems that these correspond to a new official theme, confirming the track of a theme manager directly integrated into Android. Will icon packs soon be sold on the Play Store?

 A visual indicator for the camera and microphone

 Finally, another change inspired by iOS 14, Android 12 will indicate at the top right if your camera or microphone is currently in use. By clicking on this visual indicator, we will be able to know which application is currently using them. This change would be all the more important as Google would impose it on all smartphone manufacturers. All overcoats will have to adopt it. 

 Logically, Android 12 should enter developer preview in the coming weeks. We will have to wait until this spring for a public beta and this fall for a final version. Until then, Google may be forgoing some changes. It is also possible (although unlikely) that these images are not authentic.

Source : XDA-Developers

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