Top 5 Samsung Smartphones in 2015 Best Samsung Camera Phones 16, 20 MP

As smartphones become ubiquitous, they're quickly replacing traditional point-and-shoot cameras as the go-to devices for taking quick photos. The quality of smartphone cameras is quite good, and smartphones make it easy to share those images with others, wherever you are.
But not all smartphone cameras are created equal. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for example can survive dunks underwater and drops to the ground . Here are the best smartphone cameras available now.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Best Smartphone Camera Overall

The S6 is the best camera we've seen yet, unseating even the great iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung has taken a break from megapixel inflation (staying with the same 16 MP as the Galaxy S5) and zeroed in on image quality. An infrared sensor is meant to help the camera gauge lighting conditions for better white balance, or neutral color cast. That might explain the mostly accurate colors we saw, especially in low-light images. A roughly 30 percent larger aperture over the Galaxy S5's (f/1.9 vs. f/2.2) also helped produce brighter low-light images at faster shutter speeds. Combined with optical image stabilization (a first for the Galaxy S series), the S6 delivered very sharp photos in dim lighting. The camera's phase-detection autofocus is nearly as quick as the iPhone 6 Plus's, and face recognition is dependable. Focus tracking allows the camera to keep your subject sharp while you're shooting video or a burst of photos. Other upgrades, including a 0.7-second startup time and a 5-MP, f/1.9 front cam, make the Galaxy S6 phone camera the one to beat.
 watch the full descripton here

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active or Sport

Best Smartphone Camera for Outdoors

Take one of the best phone cameras on the market, wrap it in a waterproof and shock-resistant case, and you have the Galaxy S5 Active (on AT&T) and Sport (Sprint). Both cameras boast the same image quality and clever photo apps as the Galaxy S5, but they can also survive a dunk under 3 feet (1 meter) of water, thanks to their IP67 water-resistance certification (1 meter for up to 30 minutes). The Galaxy S5 Active can even snap pics underwater, thanks to a mechanical shutter button. The Active is also guaranteed to keep clicking after 4-foot drops — at least 26 times — based on its MIL-STA-810G rating, which also includes dust resistance.

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