The best photo editing apps on Android

       Needless to deny the cameras of our smartphones are increasingly conclusive. That said, this is far from true of all native applications for photo editing and this, be it basic Android or other issues of modified interfaces - in the manner of Custom ROM - trademarks and / or telephone operators.
Android, features and modes available vary widely, and the insane amount of alternative applications available on the Google Play does not really help to choose. Today, we'll just try to help you by offering them a dedicated section on "Best editing applications pictures Android", those who do the work and those that can go beyond with special functions.

1 - Adobe Photoshop Express 

 meilleures applications edition photo android adobe photoshop express images 01

Dedicated to photo editing enthusiasts Android, Adobe Photoshop Express is a relatively comprehensive solution that provides access to a level of customization / fairly high optimization for mobile. With this Swiss knife pocket, you can manipulate photos of all sizes - including large formats - cropping, straightening and rotating your photos, adjusting colors and élimant red eyes.
As if that were not enough, the dedicated application Adobe also allows you to add filters and effects, including a proposed quarantine. As I alluded earlier, note that it is also possible to handle large files, including those raw "RAW" format. If you want to go further, a paid pack will allow you to add new photos to minimize noise (grain) of an image and other tasks on pictures taken at night. Once modified, the edited photos can be shared on the fly.
The application is free, weighs 41 MB and is compatible from Android 4.0.3:

2 - Snapseed

  Snapseed- screenshot thumbnail     Snapseed- screenshot thumbnail     Snapseed- screenshot thumbnail       
Snapseed is developed by Nik Software old and is ideal for photo editing. The standard changes such as brightness, contrast and saturation are adjustable quickly and easily. AutoCorrect sometimes gives good results, like Photoshop. Primarily, the benefits of Snapseed is the controls that make very fine adjustments.
Another notable feature, it is possible to edit entire groups of photos. Ideal for spammer Instagram, including (kidding). Anyway, Snapseed is best known for its filter Retrolux, Vintage, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Drama and many others ... For some time, Google has acquired the service. This has enabled to make sharing photos directly on Google+, in addition to other social networks.
The application is free, weighs about 23 MB and is compatible from Android 4.1:

3 - Cymera

  Cymera - Selfie & Photo Editor- screenshot thumbnail     Cymera - Selfie & Photo Editor- screenshot thumbnail     Cymera - Selfie & Photo Editor- screenshot thumbnail    
Although Cymera is intended for any type of photos, his chosen field is undoubtedly the portrait. With this application you can enjoy emulating 7 types of goals and 7 distinct capture modes. Among them are 20 filters available, including many effects of decoration and makeup portraits are available. It is even possible to take pictures from the application, in addition to the possibility of importation.
In parallel, Cymera can also play the role of a mini social network with the ability to share photos with groups of friends. Again, do not forget that the other essential feature that lets you share your photo editing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Co. Cymera is an application that wants to be very complete and accessible to neophytes with friendly interface with over 100 filters available.
The application is free, weighs about 27MB and is compatible from Android 4.0.3:

4 - Photo Editor by Aviary

  Photo Editor by Aviary- screenshot thumbnail     Photo Editor by Aviary- screenshot thumbnail

Among the notable alternatives Play Store for Android, Photo Editor by Aviary is one that may not leave you indifferent, but some content will ask to hand the wallet. In addition to the standard functions (resize, rotate, auto-correction, etc.), you can add text to images, correct photos (red eyes, makeup, other) and generate "meme", typical of some blogs.

In parallel, also note that all content created / modified with the application can be shared without restriction on all social networks. If you want to extend the capabilities of the application, there are also small fee packs that bring additional effects, frames and stickers for your photos.
The application is free, weighs about 13 MB and is compatible from Android 4.0.3:

5 - PicsArt

  PicsArt Photo Studio- screenshot thumbnail     PicsArt Photo Studio- screenshot thumbnail   Mobile platform, PicsArt is certainly one of the best photo editing applications free. In short, it is a little application to do anything with effects editors, a camera part and another social network. Ras the bowl Instagram? Why not try PicsArt that does the same thing or better.


6 - Autodesk Pixlr

Image result for Autodesk Pixlr apkImage result for Autodesk Pixlr apk

For those wanting to get to the point, Autodesk Pixlr could meet your expectations with publishing opportunities and quick pictures without fuss. With this application, you can crop, rotate and enhance an image and, adding desire to effects (more than 2 million combinations of effects, borders and collection are available in the application). Get the pros results without being one!

7 - Vignette Photo Effects

Strictly speaking, Vignette is a capture application and photo editing that can turn your photos into photo Retro / Vintage. In addition to providing a zoom, timer and timelapse, the main argument of Vignette remains in its filters and effects "old" transform his photographs as if they had been made by reputable cameras (Lomo Diana Holga or Polaroid), whereas this is not the case.

Image result for vignette・photo effects apk

Overexposure effect, artifacts and other defects, Vignette is able to reproduce all in a snap. I do not mean to be pejorative, but Vignette is certainly the favorite application of hipsters. That said, it does not resize or rotate photos. All functions are usable without internet connection and application can even be remote controlled via smartphone synchronized sound in Bluetooth.
The application is free, weighs about 2.4 MB and is compatible from Android 2.3:


Bonus: Adobe Lightroom

Image result for Bonus : Adobe LightroomImage result for Bonus : Adobe Lightroom

In other Adobe products, we can especially find Lightroom Mobile available on the Android Google Play. Specifically, this application supports photo editing Photoshop Lightroom 5, but it will be the holder of a license Creative Cloud to be able to exploit it. Once done, you can synchronize the contents of Lightroom 5 and edit on the fly. Ideal for quickly post photos of his Reflex directly on Instagram or other networks. Lightroom is designed for professionals or amateurs.


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