6 novelties brought by Android 6.0 Marshmallow the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

android marshmallowShe is waiting, but there it is that finally arrives in the West. The update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge brings a lot of more or less useful new features, including a selection here.

1. New Marshmallow

Basic, switching to Android 6.0 Marshmallow does not revolutionize Android, but changed the system in the right direction by adding small features that may be important. One thinks immediately of App Doze and Standby modes that allow both to reduce energy consumption, and by extension to increase the autonomy of the phone. The first is activated when the phone is idle for some time while the second prevents certain applications too greedy empty battery.Other small changes are also present, such as managing permissions, adjusting the sound in a video, extended support MIDI or the ability to easily list all audio devices connected to the phone. Finally, we can also mention the arrival of Google Now on Tap for countries where the service is compatible.
android marshmallow


2. Design

On the occasion of passing Marshmallow, Samsung has reviewed some of the look of TouchWiz. Some details have been simply smoothed, such as icons, revised slightly, while others are much more visible. The Quick Settings panel is now clear background while the Power menu has been completely redesigned for better and for worse. Many elements have been revised, until the transition effects, smoother now.In addition to the aesthetic side, it can also affect the ergonomics of the system. Both shortcuts and unlock screen can be set to give a little more choice than the usual pair keypad / camera.


3. A real pro mode for APN

Samsung's camera app on Lollipop was very limited. The switch to Marshmallow brings a real fashion "Pro" and RAW capture in order to push this professional looking into the post-treatment for the most passionate. Thus, in addition to the ISO or white balance, there may be set the shutter speed shooting, a detail far from negligible, especially given the quality of the sensor and the optics embedded on the Galaxy S6.


4. An advanced web browser

For this new software version, Samsung has placed particular emphasis on their browser, although it is quickly replaced by a standard desktop (Chrome or Firefox) by the majority of users in order to synchronize their data. Some improvements are hardly noticeable, but should improve the user experience, such as certification of the entire HTML5 compatibility in the W3C or the implementation of API Service Worker to improve the responsiveness of the same pages with a poor network.Samsung has also added a "Secret" mode, accessible only using the fingerprint sensor to maintain a private session, away from prying eyes, with a history and favorites of its own.


5. The Cross App

Samsung wants to make more fluid interaction between different applications. For this, the Korean manufacturer has deployed Cross App, allowing some applications to run within another application. This makes it possible to take a photo directly from the editorial page of a text message, or access the gallery. Similarly, the browser now includes as an instance in the IM Samsung when clicking on a link. It's the same for the video player, which allows you to view multimedia content more easily sent by friends.

6- Edge that would serve almost anything

So far, the interest of the curved edge of the Galaxy S6 edge (and Edge +) was very limited. Samsung has been working on this for expand the possibilities of this additional display. Giving him more room to express themselves, Samsung offers this sidebar more opportunities, since access to the compass or some social networking features through custom shortcuts depending on the geolocation of the phone.

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