Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp for Android

Image result for Download and install the latest version of WhatsApp for Android    WhatsApp users abreast of the latest features on Android, here's an article dedicated where you can find the new version of the application (in the form of an installation APK). Here is the setup file and the news WhatsApp. The latest update (2.12.488) brings new features. Download it here and see the details here.

Where to download APK WhatsApp

This version of the application is compatible from Android 2.1 Eclair.Download WhatsApp in its latest version:

WhatsApp 2.12.488

Older versions of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp 2.12.453
WhatsApp 2.12.441
WhatsApp 2.12.367
WhatsApp 2.12.338
WhatsApp 2.12.330
How to install APK WhatsApp

  1.     Enable installation of apps from unknown sources
     2.      (Found in the "Settings> Security> Unknown sources")
     3.      Find the Play Store APK in the Downloads app
     4.     Open the file and install the new version of WhatsApp!
android google maps 9 8 1 images tony balt androidpit france 00
Before downloading the APK WhatsApp, activate the unknown sources in the system settings.
 If you ever encounter installation or operational problems, it is always possible to download an older version of the APK of WhatsApp, which will solve perhaps the malfunctions encountered.

New WhatsApp

Update WhatsApp 2.12.483 / 2.12.489

The last update of WhatsApp is now possible to easily copy the links shared within the application. Just as now press and hold the link to copy it. then is to stick it to the desired location.
The other novelty is that you can program the "cleaning" of your conversations. To do this in a conversation, whether with a group or with a single contact, you need to click on the three dots in the upper right. In the dropdown menu, select More and then delete the contents. It is possible to delete all messages, messages of more than 30 days, messages of more than 6 months. If you do not want to lose your important messages, do not forget to tick the last box.

whatsapp 489
You can periodically delete messages from your conversations.

Update WhatsApp 2.12.440 / 2.12.441

A new version of WhatsApp was released on 10 February. It brings new emoticons (several dozen). We thus find a smiley vomiting money, a robot, new animals with a unicorn ...

The deployment of the new version is currently underway. If you do not want to wait, you can download the APK directly.

Dozens of new emoji

WhatsApp is completely free

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging applications, will become completely free. The US company, owned by Facebook, announced the end of the paid subscription to use its services. So ended the annual fee that WhatsApp was charging its users past the first year free.

Update WhatsApp 2.12.367

The last update of WhatsApp introduced a number of interesting innovations. Let's start with the ability to now save your favorite messages. To do this, it's very simple. Just select the message you want to bookmark and click on the top star in the options bar. All favorite messages are then classified into a category called "Starred Messages" (the feature has not been translated into French). You can select the message then to return directly to the conversation.

whatsapp mesages favoris
Save your favorite messages can be very helpful sometimes.
 The new version also lets you preview links sent through the application, similar to that proposed in its Facebook application.

whatsapp liens
Looks like this preview links
 Finally, the update of WhatsApp announced some of the upcoming new features, starting with support for file sharing. If you delve into effect in the WhatsApp folder on your smartphone using a file browser, you will see the creation of a doosier Sent within the section called WhatsApp Documents

whatsapp sent folder
WhatsApp will soon share documents as PDF.

Update WhatsApp 2.12.304

The option to make backups of your WhatsApp conversations in Google Drive will now be deployed to all users. This opportunity was given to this to some users for some time but the function was obviously still in test. Now, the option has officially been announced and will be deployed soon.

whatsapp save drive
All users of WhatsApp will save the conversation in Google Drive

Update WhatsApp 2.12.250

The new update of WhatsApp is rich in novelties. Let's start with the appearance of new emoticons like Vulcan salvation and the middle finger smileys but which now comply with all skin colors.

whatsapp 2 12 250 01
New emoticons.

A silent mode for individual conversations

It is also now possible to silence a indiviudelle conversation. Previously, this option of "silence" was allowed only for group conversations.
To do this, enter the conversation and click the contact. A new window opens and you can choose to ignore the touch for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year in addition to disable incoming notifications.

Now you can put an individual conversation in silence.

 custom Notifications

You can now select a different notification for each user. Click on the photo to a contact and click the round icon with an "i". Enter Notifications customized to tone notification.

Marking conversations unread

So do not forget to answer a call, you can choose to mark it as unread. The green icon that status is then further introduced.

The "Mark as Unread" lets put a reminder on a conversation.

Update WhatsApp 2.12.228

WhatsApp now leaves the possibility to make backups of your WhatsApp conversations in Google Drive. Just enter in the settings conversations and click "Save the discussions." Finally, link your Google Drive account to WhatsApp and specify when you want the synchronization to occur.
Attention deployment of this option is progressive. It may be that some people have still not an option in this release.

Update WhatsApp 2.12.194

The new update of IM the most widely used in the world axis this time New on the menu dedicated to notifications, which can be modified and adapted to better meet your needs. Once the application is open, select a contact or group. Click on the name and a display section on notifications will open to you. Then click Custom Notifications.
You can then decide to choose to cut the notifications with the contact / group in question for eight hours a week or a year. Now you can customize message notifications by selecting a specific ringtone or not activating the buzzer, using the pop-up notifications or opting for an LED light specific color.
Another new feature, you can also limit the consumption data during a call on WhatsApp. To enable this new feature, head to Settings> Discussion and calls> Usage of weak data.

whatsapp update
Now you can customize your notifications and reduce your internet consumption during calls

Update WhatsApp 2.12.161

Many emoticons have been added to your favorite email client! The latest update includes the ability to change the skin color of the characters available. It is also possible to send emoticons depicting same-sex couples. A nice gesture of tolerance for application owned by Facebook and related to the event of this June. Finally, some of you have complained that the elements were not spent in material design. This is now done!

whatsapp update emojis
Les émoticônes se diversifient !

Update WhatsApp 2.12.142

This innovation is not unique to this version, but one of the last: Android WhatsApp application integrates an intelligent search than before. From the home page, you can now search for contacts, but also a word or a term especially since cats conversations or groups. To find a word in a conversation, just click on the vertical dashed top right.
As for the other recent additions, WhatsApp said he made several security improvements, without actually specifying which ... In conclusion, the application would benefit from a better optimization of the oldest terminals, in addition to some minor bug fixes. In conclusion, Material Design is available for all mobile devices installed on Android 4.3+ and even on some older devices.

android whatsapp recherche amelioree contacts messages groupes chats images tony balt androidpit frane 00 w782
The research will make your life easier!

Update WhatsApp 2.12.87

By the arrival of the new version of WhatsApp Material Design interface is now accessible to all. To season the whole, the "Call" also sees adopt this design. In parallel, the wallpaper application has also been submitted to the page and colorful emoji iPhone are now well recognized by the Android version.

androidpit france whatsapp 2 12 87 images 00
Here is an overview of the material design of WhatsApp interface.

What do you think of the WhatsApp application? Do you use it much?

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